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Everyone tends to question about Feng Shui and how is one impact without using Feng Shui in his/her life? The simple answer will be - Things just happen the way it turns out without intervene with Feng Shui. This means there will be no change without using Feng Shui irregardless of good or bad turn out. So, if you had applied Feng Shui, the result will be having different outcome. This means you could have avoided some bad 'incidents' that had happened which could be avoided. As we simply put it to all our clients, it does not matter whether you believe in Feng Shui as long as it works for you. You can experiment with little changes in your life to see results and enhance further thereafter.

It does not mean you have to spend a fortune on Feng Shui. You can experiment with little or no money at all for Feng Shui like utilizing your personal Kua Number for its 4 best facing directions in your daily life. It works as long as you stick to it every day! It will take a while to have the outcome, so do be patient and carry on with it on daily basis. Next will be applying Flying Stars Chart for your home. You will require to know your house facing direction using a compass. Plot the 9 grid sectors onto your house plan so you will know the individual trigram affecting each different sectors. With these information, you can make your decorations for furniture, colors, etc. It is important to know which year your house is built in order to know your Period.

Also if you utilize the Bazi calculator, you can find out your chart and knowing what are the feng shui birth element(s) you are lacking and also the ten years cycle for your entire life. Knowing your Bazi can be like having your entire life written in stone. So, it can be very helpful with this Bazi information as you can plan to avert dangers/incidents that maybe occurring in the near future and what you can do the make the right changes so to avoid it. Or you will discover what you need to do on a particular day so you can benefit a promotion in career or securing a business contract. All these information as shown in your Bazi and depending on how well you can interpret the inter-relationship of elements on the particular day so you can make some alterations to assist you.

Feng Shui principles can be as easy as ABC if you know what to do and how you interpret the relationship between each element affecting your life. With the Flying Stars Chart, you will know how to apply Feng Shui bedroom to maximize the result having good relationship or better health. How does one knows Feng Shui meaning and basics application? It will require you to do a bit more research about Feng Shui basics like finding out Kua number by using Kua calculator (or from your own calculation) and knowing Feng Shui meaning for each element (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). How the element interact with one another - productive cycle or destructive cycle.

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Productive cycle is as follows: Wood produces Fire, Fire produces Earth, Earth produces Metal, Metal produces Water and Water produces Wood. This is the entire productive cycle. As for the destructive cycle will be: Water destroys Fire, Fire destroys Metal, Metal destroys Wood, Wood destroys Earth and Earth destroys Water. This is how each element interact with one another.

Therefore, you require to apply this interaction when plotting your Flying Stars Chart for your house. Cures for sector will be using the destructive cycle as to reduce the effect of the Sha Qi so you can have a smooth sailing year ahead. For sector that you wish to activate then it will be the productive cycle element to boost its effect. For Feng Shui decorating of home, it is important to note where is your wealth corner so that you can guide the positive Qi to settle down and accumulate wealth for you. Ensure that there is no obstruction for the good Qi to enter your home and guided so it will be flowing smoothly to your wealth corner.

Bottom line for Feng Shui meaning is to get the positive Qi to move without obstruction and settle down at wealth corner and changing your destiny using Bazi application. Knowing the right thing to do is simple logic and should you feel that certain things do not seem to be logical then don't do it. Sometimes it can be like applying your own six-sense in terms of logic. Anything doesn't feel right then don't do it.